Dr. Virginia Cleaver

Owner & Founder

Dr. Virginia Cleaver is a highly accomplished and respected pharmacist with over 20 years of clinical pharmacy experience. Her extensive education and training have provided her with a deep understanding of the science of pharmacy and its applications in patient care. Dr. Cleaver’s journey in pharmacy started as a pharmacy technician, where she worked for ten years prior to attending the College of Pharmacy, giving her valuable insight into the practical aspects of pharmacy practice. She then earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Florida A&M in 1998, which provided her with a solid foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care.

Dr. Cleaver continued her education by pursuing a post-doctoral degree in pharmacy from the University of Florida in 2018. This program equipped her with advanced knowledge and skills in pharmacotherapy, patient care, and medication management, preparing her to take on more complex cases and roles.

Dr. Cleaver is a licensed consultant pharmacist, having received her license in 2015 and her pharmacy-based immunization certification in 2008. She also earned a Master's Degree in Pharmacogenomics from UF in 2022, which has allowed her to integrate genetics and genomics into her pharmacy practice, enabling her to personalize medication regimens based on a patient's genetic makeup.

Dr. Cleaver’s expertise in pharmacy practice is grounded in her experience working in various clinical settings, including specialty care pharmacies, community pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and long-term care facilities. She has held leadership roles, including her current position as the owner and pharmacy operations manager of NewGen Clinical Care Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida. In this role, she oversees the daily operations of the pharmacy, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care and medication management.

Dr. Cleaver has recently received her Test and Treat certification, allowing her to perform rapid diagnostic testing and initiate treatment in patients with certain conditions. Furthermore, Dr. Cleaver holds a Collaborative Practice Agreement certification, which enables her to work collaboratively with physicians and other healthcare providers to optimize patient outcomes. In her clinical practice, Virginia uses evidence-based practices to evaluate the efficacy and safety of medication regimens, identify and resolve drug-related problems, and optimize patient outcomes. Her dedication to her patients and commitment to ongoing education and professional development make her a valuable member of the healthcare team.

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